Discover the intelligent and energy-efficient industrial automation solutions for smart manufacturing.



Discover the EV charging infrastructure and energy storage solutions for a sustainable mobility.



Discover the building management, survelliance and industrial LED lighting solutions for a connecting future.

What you will discover

Intelligent Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Creating holistic IoT-based solutions by integrating human intelligence with smart industrial technology. You will discover the intelligent and energy-efficient industrial automation solutions for smart manufacturing at our Hannover Messe booth.

Sustainable EV Charging Infrastructure Solutions

Enhance sustainability with reliable energy-saving technology and efficient resource management. You will discover the EV charging infrastructure and energy storage solutions for sustainable mobility.

Connecting Building Automation Solutions

Bringing together a complete ecosystem through collaboration inspired by user needs. You will discover industrial building automation and LED lighting solutions for a connecting future.

Join us live

Press Conference

Join us online for our live Hannover Messe 2023 press conference to share with you the latest news and updates from Delta. The livestream will be hosted on Tuesday 18 April, 13:30 CET time.

Intelligent Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Join us online for our live Hannover Messe 2023 booth tour to discover Delta’s Intelligent Smart Manufacturing Solutions.
The livestream will be hosted on 19 April, 11:00 CET time.

Sustainable EV Charging Infrastructure & Energy Storage Solutions

Join us online for our live Hannover Messe 2023 booth tour to explore our complete EV charging infrastructure and smart energy storage solutions. The livestream will be hosted on 20 April, 11:00 CET time.

The Power Behind Delta

Find out more about the team that’s driving Delta today by joining our livestream! The livestream will be hosted on 21 April, 11:00 CET time.

Our Solutions

Industrial Automation

Delta offers automation products and solutions with high performance and reliability, including drives, motion control systems, industrial control and communication, power quality improvement, human machine interfaces, sensors, meters, and robot solutions.

Industrial Battery Charging

Delta industrial charging product line includes the industry leading, high density, high efficiency and revolutionary wireless charging systems for charging batteries in AGV/AMRs and all kinds of industrial electric vehicles.

Industrial Power Supply

Delta’s Industrial Power Supplies offers four product lines: DIN Rail, Panel Mount, Open Frame, and Adaptor to fulfill customer’s need in various industrial applications.

EV Charging Solutions

Delta offers the most advanced and reliable technologies for a sustainable world. Our DC chargers, AC chargers and charging site management systems, are up to the challenges set by this new era in energy for all applications ranging from residential, commercial, destination to public charging.

Energy Storage Systems

With state-of-the-art power conversion and energy storage technologies, Delta’s Energy Storage Systems (ESS) offer high-efficiency power and energy capabilities for load management, power dispatch, renewable energy generation smoothing and much more.

Power Supply for Fuel Cell

Power Supply for Fuel Cell

A fuel cell uses the chemical energy of hydrogen or other fuels to cleanly and efficiently produce electricity. As a power supply expert, Delta offers the leading technology for the future clean energy.

Building Management and Surveillance

As a smart building solutions provider, Delta offers advanced building automation technology to achieve the vision of a “smart building for better living.” The integrated solutions ensure the design and operation of green, safe, energy-efficient, comfortable and healthier industrial and manufacturing environments.

Industrial LED Lighting Solutions

Delta’s industrial LED Solutions (high-bay and linear) are designed to tolerate the harsh and intense environmental and operational conditions of manufacturing processes. Their features include but not limited to excellent efficiency, extreme long lifetime, tri proof, and high operating temperature.

High Power Air Mover (EC Fan)

Delta offers a complete line of electronically commutated fans, including centrifugal blower and axial fans, for various applications such as HVAC (HRV/ERV), Industrial (Wind Power/PV Inverter), Precision Cooling for Data Center, and Heat-Pumps… etc.

Product highlights

Fan, Pump and Compressor VP3000 Drive

Fan, Pump and Compressor VP3000 Drive

It enhances productivity and lowers harmonic distortion (THDi) down to 35% in industrial motors used in HVAC, pumps, compressors, and water supply applications.It is specifically designed for the fluid industry to enhance machine operation efficiency and reduce inverter harmonic wave distribution.

ToF Camera

ToF Camera

This is the best solution for high-speed 3D information collection and object detection. High-speed 3D information detection through ToF sensor, up to 60 frames per second. Built-in processor improves product application flexibility. High protection level suitable for various applications.

AC MAX EV Charger

Delta’s AC chargers have a power output ranging from 11 to 22 kW. Featuring a compact design, Type 2 charging interface, user authentication, and easy installation, this is ideal for both commercial and home charging.

DC Wallbox 50 DC EV Charger

With its dual charging connectors, charging station turnover can be maximised. It is OCPP-compatible, enabling backend integration for capabilities including user identification, remote monitoring and system control. Its small footprint and compact wall-mount design enables site owners to optimise site space and layout.

SLIM 100 DC EV Charger

It offers a maximum power output of 100 kW and includes rectifiers with 97% power efficiency. It is an ideal solution for space critical applications, as its footprint is 55% smaller than other products that offer the same level of power.

Ultra Fast Charger 200kW

It offers the convenience of a single charging station with the flexibility to charge up to four vehicles simultaneously. Two charging points are available for DC fast charging up to 200 kW and two charging points for AC charging with 22 kW each, and is now complied with German Eichrecht certification.

Energy Storgae Skid Solutions

In response to carbon reduction trends and to ensure a stable electricity supply, industrial and commercial demand for the utilization of energy storage systems is increasing. Delta offers an integrated energy storage system for industrial and commercial applications which is fast to deploy and with a smaller footprint.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell DC-DC Converter

Hydrogen Fuel Cell DC-DC Converter

This smart power converter for fuel cell  has a wide input voltage 34~75V DC/DC charger with adjustable input power limit, rise/drop rate which could extend fuel cell life time. It can support bi-directional communication with host such that it could be monitor and configure in most of fuel cell systems.

Staccato Industrial High-bay LED Luminaire

Staccato is a range of robust, durable and high-quality industrial high-bay LED luminaires designed for resilience and a long lasting performance even in extreme conditions. It is designed with excellent efficiency to perform in variant ambient temperatures and applications from heavy industry to warehousing and manufacturing.

HPAM EC Fan GTM031 Series

This is the best solution for industrial segment, applicable to such as solar inverter, wind power applications. Impeller is designed with new nature technology, airfoil section, ultra-quiet and maximum efficiency up to 65%.  New generation motor is 25% higher shaft power than previous, excellent waterproof with IP55, active cooling design inside extend life expectancy.

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Warehouse Industrial Automation Solutions

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EV Charging Solutions

Delta provides a wide range of energy capture and storage solutions, in addition to EV charging solutions, which will complement and minimize the expensive power load drawn from the grid. Explore more now!

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